Slimline smoke sensors

Home automation experts Household Automation Ltd have recently fitted recessed smoke sensors to a home in Surrey. The clients were very specific about the need to provide smoke sensors that were as flush to the ceiling as possible, they did not want to see the conventional large ugly smoke sensors that have become common place in most homes.

Household Automation Ltd designed the fire alarm around the Cytech Comfort home controller and used Hochiki smoke detectors with non-latching recessed mounting bases. The recessed mounting bases have a footprint similar in diameter to many conventional residential smoke sensors and use the standard Hochiki bases and heads. The recessed mounting bases are fitted by cutting a hole in the ceiling, when the smoke sensor is fitted it protrudes from the ceiling by no more than 10mm. We believe that this solution  offers one of the best aesthetic solutions to the problem of visible fire alarm detectors.

The main Comfort alarm panel is operated from the security keypad. Individual smoke heads are identified by name e.g. “Garage smoke”, “Kitchen heat”. Because of the flexibility of the Comfort controller the fire alarm signal is automatically sent to the auto dialer which contacts the telephone numbers programmed into it.

Access can also be gained over the ethernet via browser or mobile app. If required the Comfort controller can be directly connected to a monitoring station.

Part numbers:

  • Bases – YBO-R/6RN
  • Smoke sensor  – SLR-E3N
  • Heat sensor – DCD-AE3
  • Recessed kit – YBN-UA


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